We’re a team of young students from around the globe on a mission to change the game by developing and launching a satellite into orbit. 

Space, the most enigmatic and unknown domain within the depths of our knowledge, has been the source of human imagination for millennia. Since our species first directed our gaze upon this intransient cosmos, only the privileged few have ventured into its vast territories.

Today, space is more accessible than ever before, supported by a rapidly developing commercial market. Enabled by exponential advancements such as the emerging reusable rocket revolution, epitomised by SpaceX and Rocket Lab, we have been able to overcome many of the challenges present during Space 1.0.

Discoveries made as a result of this unbridled growth have led to the development of camera phones, the laptop computer, artificial limbs, cochlear implants and more, increasing the quality of life on Earth. As this rapid expansion unravels into the future, new developments and innovations will continue to accelerate. Asteroid Mining, Moon Bases and the colonisation of other planets will all become possible within the coming few decades. 

However, this accessibility has been compromised by substantial disparities due to a multitude of socioeconomic barriers faced by a large percentage of the world’s youth. Access to space is still prohibitive for many developing countries due to the expenses and lack of industry. 

As a youth lead organisation composed of passionate and driven individuals from across the globe, our mission is to remove these barriers faced by young people by providing equal access to world-class educational opportunities and resources, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, religion or location. We’re enabling and supporting the next generation of movers and shakers, leaders, engineers, and thinkers  who will spearhead the advancement of humanity.

We envisage a world where anything is possible, where poverty and disadvantage is a distant memory and where humanity can thrive and advance as a multi-planetary, space fairing society. We’ve seen the future — let us show you.

The stars will never be won by little minds; we must be as big as space itself

Robert A. HeinleinAuthor